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DAT™ (Dynamic Aperture Technology) is an advanced platform designed for building a new generation of low cost user terminals that will enable higher data throughputs, stronger link integrity, and lower power consumption for aerial, maritime, and land mobile communications.

One of the major impediments in mobile communications is the antenna technology. In order to deliver “rich” data content a new technology is required. The major complication is that in a mobile environment communication happens between moving objects. Things get significantly more complicated with satellite communications where a satellite is also moving with the respct to the end user on Earth. The current state of the art user terminals are still relying on mechanically steered or fixed solutions. These solutions either exhibit poor efficiency or are cost prohibitive. Maxtena has created the DAT™ platform to address these issues.

Watch as our mobile user terminal moves throughout the city of Washington D.C. Our compact land terminal can immediately pick up a signal after going under tunnels and bridges where direct satellite signals are not achievable. Our DAT™ platform has integrated low noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers (PAs) and a steering and tracking control unit. DAT™ can operate with or without a modem control.


Achieves omni-directional coverage with the high performance of a directional antenna
Single beam or multi-beam in single aperture/multibeam aggregation – higher throughput even on legacy systems
Software configurable/software controlled aperture for a variety of applications and reconfigurations
Digital sensor and gyroscopic control for accurate tracking of satellites and platform dynamics
Interference nulling for better signal to noise
Tracking and performing interference detection for link integrity and sustained high throughput
Extremely low power design due to distributed power amplifier approach
Fast satellite acquisition and tracking from computationally efficient algorithms
Digitally steered beams eliminate all moving parts
Scalable platform accommodates wide range of frequencies and satellite networks – L to Ka band
Mobile platform dynamics over 360 degrees per second turning ratios
Fully customizable embedded Linux OS development environment
Fully customizable to accommodate different waveform implementations (e.g. BPSK/QPSK/OFDM/QAM)
Native Cloud connect environment via MAXWAY platform
Multiple Transport capability for robust redundant network solutions (5G/LTE, WiFi, LoraWan, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya)
Low Power Core Processor • Open and application-oriented platform
Supports Network idle and Low power standby
User Interfaces: Ethernet, SPI, USB, UART, USIM
Customizable user interface (GPIO)
Native RF Cybersecurity

Featured Applications

The applications for our DAT™ platform are numerous. The typical applications are for mobile satellite communications on the move, including land, aerial, and maritime applications. However, other applications such as radar and direction finding systems are also possible. Our DAT™ platform allows for low cost, small size, and low weight applications, which could be ideal for high-data terminals for UAV’s and other aeronautical platforms.

Sea & land container tracking


Aeronautical plateforms

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Fully integrates with Iridium 9810/9770 modem | Integrated GNSS module | Supports 50 m cable from terminal to antenna | IP67 | TNC Connector

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