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Satellite IoT

Advanced solutions for smart wireless industry

Satellite Machine to machine (M2M) communication is making its way up! It requires the best technology solutions. Our antennas are designed to achieve results with a reliable performance at a high precision result. Maxtena’s antenna supports a diverse range of applications such as precision agriculture, seismic recording systems, fleet management, asset tracking, mobile computing devices and mining equipment.

Why choose Maxtena?

Maxtena provides state-of-the-art antenna products covering all major satellite constellations including Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, among else. We use proprietary and patented technologies to provide innovative design, provide unmatched solutions, and unrivaled performance.

Visibility in real-time

Maxtena use GPS signal carrier phase to increase accuracy in GNSS applications for reliable solutions and mm-level accuracy.

Multi constellation coverage

Maxtena provides a diversified portfolio of satellite solutions.

Cutting edge & robust solutions

Our unrivaled technology helps the users to track all the processes and optimize fleet management resources. Maxtena’s antennas provide excellent low elevation and performance.

Custom solutions

Maxtena offers both external antennas that come in a range of rugged housings, as well as embedded antennas. These antennas can be customized with different cable lengths and connectors upon request.

Antenna selection guide

Need support to choose the applicable antenna? Antenna selection guide
Our antenna selection guide describes important parameters to consider when deciding what kind of antenna to use in your wireless solutions.

Maxtena offers State-of-the-art Solutions adapted to the needs of each clients.

Need a custom IOT Solution? We’ve got you covered!