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Embedded Dual bands GNSS Antennas

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Helical embedded active L1/L2 GPS GLONASS Active Antenna

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Helical L1 GPS GLONASS Passive Embedded Antenna

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Embedded Dual bands GNSS Antennas

Helicoidal antennas are typically used in applications where multiple antenna orientations are possible due to their wide elevation angle coverage. They are robust and demonstrate good navigational performance as well as resilience to multipath propagation. Helix antennas are usually small in size, lightweight and they don’t require a ground plane, which makes them very adaptable and easy to retrofit. Embedded GNSS antennas revolutionize navigation systems, enabling precise tracking of assets location with unparallel accuracy. Achieving peak performance and accuracy in GNSS applications hinges on ensuring top-tier GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) signal quality. At Maxtena, we specialize in pioneering solutions tailored to the critical need. Our rugged, high-performance antennas are meticulously engineered for GNSS Satellite applications, guaranteeing unparallel reliability and precision. Maxtena’s advanced GNSS technology sets the industry standard with decimeter -level precision, setting the standard for accuracy in navigation and positioning systems. Utilizing proprietary and patented technologies, we craft innovative antenna designs to provide unmatched solutions tailored to the demands of modern GNSS applications. Our antennas consistently deliver unparallel performance, ensuring seamless communication in the most challenging environments. At Maxtena, we offer two kinds of GNSS embedded antennas:

Active GNSS antennas: An active GNSS integrates a low-noise amplifier (LNA) to improve the performance and quality of received GNSS signals, drawing power from the GNSS Receiver through the coaxial cable, providing operate with low voltage DC.

Passive GNSS antennas: A passive GNSS embedded antenna does not include an integrated amplifier and relies on the signal received from GNSS satellite. Unlike active antennas, passive GNSS antennas do not require external power sources, making them ideal for applications where power efficiency is prioritized.

GNSS embedded antennas are used in applications such wearable technologies, mobile devices, and maritime applications, they are designed to be compact and integrated directly into GNSS-enabled devices for precise positioning and navigation.

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