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Our Helicore® Antennas are the leading high-precision

antenna for GNSS RTK applications around the world,

and with specs like these, it's easy to understand why.

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Amazing Accuracy

Decimeter Accuracy & Receiver Agnostic

Patented Technology

Derived of our Dynamic Aperture Technology

High-Precision Design

Textbook Radiation Patterns & Superior Axial Ratio

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Maxtena designs and manufactures advanced beamforming smart antennas and systems based on our patented Dynamic Aperture Technology TM (DAT).

Our beamforming smart antenna systems empower our customers to develop unparalleled solutions.



Drones, UAV/UAS

Drones, UAV/UAS

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

RTK Accuracy

RTK Accuracy



Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Featured Antennas:


M1227HCT-A2-SMA for RTK Accuracy

Multi-band Antenna High Accuracy Applications

Dimensions in mm / weight is 24 grams (typical)

Our M1227HCT-A2 antenna is extremely versatile; it has a very wide range of frequencies that can be reached, and boasts an ultra-lightweight, small form factor. It comes off-the-shelf with an SMA connector, or it can be customized or embedded.


The M1227HCT-A2 is currently being used in applications where decimeter accuracy is vital:


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • RTK and L2 Accuracy GIS Surveying and Drone navigation
  • High-precision navigation for military, law enforcement, security, asset tracking, and handheld devices
  • M2M/LBS systems for oil/gas/mining industries
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