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169.4-169.8 MHz (UHF)
300-800 MHz (UHF)
410-496 MHz (UHF)
433-435 MHz (UHF)
617-960 MHz (Cellular/4G)
690-960 MHz / 1710-2700 MHz (Cellular/LTE)
698-960 MHz (Cellular/4G)
800-1000 MHz (Cellular)
824-894 MHz (Cellular)
824-960 MHz (LoRa)
868-915 MHz (LoRA )
868 MHz (Cellular)
915 MHz (LoRa)
1164-1189 MHz (Cellular)
1164-1300 MHz (GNSS)
1176 MHz (GNSS)
1192-1231 MHz (GNSS)
1227 MHz (GNSS)
1278.75 MHz (Cellular)
1427-2690 MHz (5GNR)
1525-1660.5 MHz (GNSS)
1525-2690 MHz (5GNR)
1539-1610 MHz (GNSS)
1559-1607 MHz (GNSS)
1561-1606 MHz (GNSS)
1561 MHz (GNSS)
1575.42 MHz (Galileo)
1575 MHz (GNSS)
1598-1606 MHz (GNSS)
1602 MHz (GNSS)
1616 -1626 MHz (Iridium)
1617-1626 MHz (Iridium)
1618 MHz (LTE)
1621 MHz (Iridium)
1625-1660.5 MHz (Inmarsat)
1700-2200 MHz (Cellular)
1710-2170 MHz (Cellular)
1850-1990 MHz (Cellular)
2300-2690 MHz (LTE/WiFi)
2400 MHz (Bluetoooth/WiFi)
2400-2500 MHz (WiFi)
2410-2490 MHz (ISM)
2500-2700 MHz (LTE )
3300-5000MHz (5G/WiFi)
3400-3700 MHz (5G)
4800-6000 MHz (WiFi)
4900-5935 MHz (WiFI)
4920-7125 MHz (ISM)
5150-5850 MHz (WiFI)
5150-5925 MHz (5GNR)
5700-5870 MHz (WIFI)
5850-5950 MHz (DSRC)
5925-7125 MHz (WiFI)
Screw Mount
Autonomous Applications
Millitary radios
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Maxtena Products

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External Iridium Passive, GPS/GLONASS, Cellular Antenna

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Maxtena Products

At Maxtena, we're pioneers in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the demands of modern connectivity. Specializing in advanced beamforming antennas, RF, and Cybersecurity products, we lead the industry with our proprietary technologies.

Our Dynamic Aperture Technology™ (DAT) and CybeRF innovations represent the cutting-edge of RF engineering, empowering our clients to revolutionize their networks across a spectrum of applications. From enhancing GNSS accuracy to optimizing SATCOM transmissions, boosting LTE speeds, strengthening WIFI signals, and enabling seamless IoT integration, our solutions redefine what's possible in connectivity.

Our technologies power some of today’s most cutting-edge wireless solutions. These solutions allow consumers to seamlessly access data from anywhere in the world. Maxtena is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance, light weight antennas for use in a variety of portable wireless applications including satellite phones, military radios, handheld navigation, GPS tracking, recreational devices, and laptop computers. Maxtena produces both external antennas that come in a range of plastic housings as well as embedded antennas. The embedded antennas are custom built to sit perfectly in the application’s own housing.