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Radiation Model

Our commitment to innovation is unprecedented. Our technologies power some of today’s most cutting edge wireless solutions. These solutions allow consumers to seamlessly access data from anywhere in the world.

Here we take an approach where the next advances in wireless communications will come from looking at fundamental problems from the antenna/ electromagnetic perspective. This new perspective lends itself to novel technologies which we hope will drive the new Internet infrastructure with smaller and higher efficiency devices, enable more bandwidth and combat interference.

Maxtena Inc. values the intellectual property created by our dedicated team and encourages the entrepreneurial pursuit of innovations among our ranks. To this extent, Maxtena takes an active and engaged role in our commitment to our team by protecting our proprietary technology through the diligent pursuit of trademarks and patents. We have great pride for our growing patent portfolio, and we will continue to pursue new patent applications as our team continues to produce innovative solutions.

Current Patents: US 7,999,755; US 8,681,070; US 8,884,822; US 9,190,718 B2 

Maxtena Helicore Elements

Helicore™ Technology

Our patented Helicore™ technology is an advanced and extremely flexible platform for designing different antenna products where pattern, polarization purity, efficiency and size are the driving design parameters. All of our helix antennas use the Helicore™ technology.

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Dynamic Aperture Technology (DAT)

Dynamic Aperture Technology™ Platform

DAT™ (Dynamic Aperture Technology) is an advanced platform designed for building a new generation of low cost user terminals that will enable higher data throughputs, stronger link integrity, and lower power consumption for aerial, maritime, and land mobile communications.

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Microstrip Antennas

Microstrip Technology

Our microstrip technology offers a truly optimized wireless system. We are pioneering the optimization of the mircrostrip antenna by using proper electromagnetic grounding schemes to optimize our solutions for the highest possible efficiency.

Maxtena Co-optimized Microstrips