29 Jan

Maxtena Announces All-New L1 L2 GPS GLONASS Active Antenna

M1227HCT-A2-SMA (p/n: 100-00004-02) Rockville, Maryland, USA – 01/29/2015 – Maxtena Inc., the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative wireless antenna solutions, today announced the availability of an all-new L1 L2 GPS GLONASS Active helix antenna for GNSS satellite applications. The new L1 L2 GPS GLONASS active antenna, product name M1227HCT-A2-SMA, will replace its predecessor the M1227HCT-A-SMA antenna which made its debut in 2010. The new antenna has been mechanically upgraded and is packaged in a high quality; durable IP67/68 sealed radome housing and is terminated with a gold plated SMA connector for RF feed/input and DC bias/power typically powered from the applications’ GNSS RF module.
24 Feb

Maxtena joins forces with EFO Ltd. in Russia

EFO Ltd logoFebruary 14, 2014 – Rockville, MD ­– EFO Ltd, has announced an international agreement to sell antenna products from Maxtena, Inc., a top developer and producer for innovative wireless solutions, including GNSS, M2M and MSS helix and microstrip embedded and external antennas. Maxtena also designs and manufactures combo and LTE antenna solutions. Through the deal EFO Ltd, a leading distributor of electronic components in the Russian market, will provide design engineers and buyers with finished helix, microstrip, combo and LTE antenna solutions to customers in Russia. EFO Ltd has agreed to sell a number of Maxtena products including helix antennas (GPS L1/L2, GLONASS, Iridium), microstrip antennas (GPS, GLONASS, Globalstar, Iridium), microstrip antenna-tuning kits (GPS) and combo antennas (Iridium, GPS). These products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, soldier worn communications gear, hand-held navigation, asset tracking, recreational devices, industrial equipment, and for fleet/telematics tracking. Tatiana Krivchenko, Head of Wireless Solutions Department at EFO Ltd, said, “We see that Maxtena designs and manufactures antenna solutions in a professional way and also provides consulting service. It is very important for our customers that Maxtena offers a comprehensive range of antennas that support GLONASS technology as well.”
13 May

Maxtena develops combo helical/UHF antenna for simultaneous satellite access

Maxtena has developed a high performance multi-band antenna that combines proprietary Helicore® technology with a monopole-type UHF antenna in a single form factor. The DualMax-Helical/UHF combines two antennas with a custom cable and connector. The helical element can be tuned for the GPS/GLONASS bands, Iridium network or Globalstar network. The helical element is integrated with a monopole-type UHF antenna providing a frequency range between 300 MHz and 800 Mhz. The multi-band antenna combo is an ideal solution for applications requiring simultaneous access to different satellite systems for emergency communication; two examples are Iridium and COSPAS-SARSAT or Globalstar and COSPAS-SARSAT.