LTE MIMO and Active GPS High-performance Transportation Antenna

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Maxtena’s Cobra-LTE700 transportation solution consists of three separate high performance antennas in one compact and secure housing: two LTE 700 MHz & Cellular antennas enabling MIMO technology and one high gain GPS antenna.


The Cobra-LTE700 measures 6.5” (166mm) in width by 7.9” (200mm) in length with a peak height of 3.5” (88mm). By leveraging techniques in antenna miniaturization perfected in our other products, the Cobra-LTE700 provides maximum performance in one of the most compact, easy to install form factors.


The Maxtena solution is designed for mobile access points installed on buses, coaches and trucks; it can be used for video surveillance, localization, and monitoring systems. The antenna has its own ground plane that makes it suitable for any mounting environment without affecting performance.


Download Cobra-LTE700 Datasheet