Welcome to our redesigned website!

21 Jun Welcome to our redesigned website!

Over the last several months we have been completing a redesign for a new company website. Our goal was to make your experience on our site a better one. We are excited to finally be launching the redesigned site.

The website’s redesigned look, feel and content took into account comments from our customers, clients and distributors. The redesign also took into account our desire to provide easier user navigation, richer content and a sleeker design to make everyones visit a more pleasurable one. The new site helps visitors quickly find the products of interest along with more detailed information about that product.

Founder and CEO Stani Licul, says “Our business is growing and customers need a better way to understand our products and how to best apply them to their requirements. Our customers need to be able to navigate our site quickly and get the information they need. They also want to understand which product would be the best match for their application. The new website was redesigned with those needs in mind. In the coming months we plan to add more resources to accompany each of our products and services, such as application notes, how-to guides and white papers”.