Vanja Maric Promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing


07 Apr Vanja Maric Promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Maxtena’s Vanja Maric Assumes New Role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Maxtena Inc., has announced that Vanja Maric will be promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Maric will be responsible for the entirety of Maxtena’s global strategy and new business development, focusing on enabling customers who need sophisticated antenna products and wireless technology integration. In addition, Mr. Maric will also continue to lead a talented Sales & Marketing team.

Vanja Maric, VP Sales & Marketing

Vanja Maric, VP Sales & Marketing

“Being part of Maxtena since day one, it is an honor to be appointed to this position. We’ve all put a lot of time, dedication, and sweat into this company, and it’s great to watch what we’ve built pull ahead in a global marketplace. Maxtena manufactures the world’s best antenna solutions and we are very proud of that fact. The products that our antennas are in save lives and really provide the foundation needed to develop high-bandwidth wireless technology, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

– Vanja Maric, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

This announcement comes after a very successful first quarter in 2016 for Maxtena as a company and promises to continue in a strong, forward momentum for the foreseeable future. Mr. Maric is working to continue the trend of growth. He has been with Maxtena Inc. since 2008 and is responsible for developing worldwide distribution channels and strategic product management. Mr. Maric works very closely with key domestic and international customers and has extensive experience and market knowledge of the MSS, GNSS, and M2M/IoT wireless industries.