New Website Format for Maxtena

New Website Header

23 Oct New Website Format for Maxtena

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website format. As we continue to grow, our website needs to grow with us, so we have decided to migrate from a build-a-page service to a content management system on a hosted server.

This change will be the foundation for better customer and partner interactions in the future as we grow our channels and our 2-way communication systems. The new website will be product and customer focused. As the website grows, we hope to concentrate on promoting and enabling customers with better digital way-finding and user experience design, more goal-oriented content, and various portal sites. Our goal with the new website is to empower our customers and potential customers and to empower our partners and future team members by enabling channels designed to provide precisely what you’re looking for.

Future projects for the website include:

  • Better subscription management for customers
  • a Careers portal for interested potential team members
  • a Partner portal to provide better service to our distributors
  • a Media portal to provide detailed information and official logo to interested parties
  • Dedicated Product Support Channels
  • Customer-centric communication channels
  • more frequently updated blog and social media posts
  • channels for user-generated feedback
  • Mobile & Responsive Layout
  • more fun stuff!

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