Maxtena Launches Maxwave™ a LTE/WiFi MIMO Antenna for Transportation

07 Sep Maxtena Launches Maxwave™ a LTE/WiFi MIMO Antenna for Transportation

Maxwave 4x4 LTE/WIFI MIMO Antenna

Rockville, MD, USA – Maxtena Inc., a US-based antenna design and manufacturing company and the inventors of the patented Dynamic Aperture Technology, announces this week the launch of their newest antenna product. The Maxwave Antenna is a scalable 4×4 LTE/WIFI Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) antenna designed to provide high-bandwidth streaming communications in onboard wireless systems.

Maxtena designed this antenna to scale in performance and evolve as the train’s wireless systems advance, providing reliable high-speed wireless internet to onboard systems. Installing two of the 4×4 Maxwave antennas in the 8×8 configuration will provide high-performance 4×4 technology immediately, and scaling to 8×8 is as simple as installing the new onboard system modems. The antenna is mounted externally on the train’s roof and provides a patented omnidirectional coverage that is unmatched by comparable antennas. The antenna’s superior isolation maximizes the performance between Maxwave elements as well as other antennas on the train roof while retaining remarkable efficiency.

Maxwave is easy to maintain, install, and upgrade on any train rooftop, and it is designed to be compliant with all US, European, and International Railway Certification Standards. It is also intended to be among the lowest profile, high-performance antennas on the market. Additionally, a single 8×8 model is planned for release which can configure to 16×16 MIMO performance using the same installation methods. Maxwave is perfect for high-speed trains, commuter trains, metro trains, trolleys, and even buses and other mass transit cars, and can be used for freight cars and rail CCTV systems as well.

Product Benefits

  • 4 antenna elements operating simultaneously from 698 MHz to 6000 MHz
  • Covers all cellular, LTE, WIFI and WiMAX frequency bands
  • Optional active GPS/GLONASS antenna with integrated surge arrestor
  • DC grounded antenna elements for protection against lightning and high voltage power supply lines and passenger safety
  • Versatile Design: Maintains performance when mounted on non-metallic surfaces
  • Railway standard compliant design to EN50155 and fire retardant design according to EN 45545:2013

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