Maxtena at XPONENTIAL in Booth 774


12 Apr Maxtena at XPONENTIAL in Booth 774

Maxtena will be exhibiting at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL in booth 774 in only a few weeks! We’re excited to share our Helicore® Technology with our XPONENTIAL friends and customers where you will have the chance to speak directly to our representatives about features of our Helicore Products. Fill out our form below to get a free pass to the exhibit hall!

About Helicore Antennas

Helicore Technology is versatile and powerful. So are Helicore antennas. Check our this brief overview of our tech, and then come ask us all your questions at the show!

Axial Ratio
Helicore antennas have incredible Axial Ratio of <1 dB

Helicore antennas reject common mode noise
Helicore antennas are completely balanced in structure, and have an integrated balun which isolates the antenna from the device ground plane and rejects common mode noise.

Our Helicore® solutions are at least 70% better in performance compared to ceramic solutions.

Helicore antennas detune minimally in the vicinity of human body
Due to Helicore balanced structure the currents are mainly confined on the body of the antenna so there is minimal degradation in the performance due to effects of the human body.

Helicore antennas are easy to embed
Confining the currents to the body of the antenna makes it is relatively easy to predict the behavior in the variety of the configurations, meaning Helicore antennas are easy to embed.

Helicore antennas have inherent filtering
The quad feeding networks adds additional degree of filtering where unwanted signals are terminated. Also with flexible feeding network it is easy to add any additional filtering for more stringent requirements. That allows us to meet stringent filtering and out-of-band susceptibility requirements especially for 50 V/m and 200 V/m conditions.

Helicore® Technology is designed to provide clear, reliable satellite signal regardless of environment, system, or location.

Helicore antennas are omnidirectional
The pattern stability of Maxtena antennas is unprecedented. Very robust patterns across the whole frequency band of interest which is not the case with ceramic solutions. The patterns have minimum back lobe, high back to front ration, big x-pol rejection, which results in a high RHCP upper hemisphere efficiency. Close to ideal pattern for GNSS applications.

Helicore antennas have superb axial ratio especially at low elevation degrees for enhanced multi-path rejection and higher performance of receiver
The rejection can be anywhere from 12 to 34 dB

Helicore antennas have minimal polarization loss
Only 0.2 to 0.4 dB polarization loss due to very high x-pol rejection

Helicore antennas are small
Helicore antennas provide an optimal balance between performance and size. As an example 30 dB of total gain in volume of 19.5 diameter and 22 mm height.

Helicore antennas are multiband
Helicore antennas provide flexibility of combining multiple bands together as they can be implemented as quadrifilar and quadrifilar. This allows to support multiple GNSS constellations and wide satellite signal.

Helicore antennas are ground independent
Performance of the Helicore antennas is not dependent on the ground plane as is typically with microstrip antennas. Helicore antennas will behave similar when used both with the ground plane and without ground plane presence. This is especially important since antenna has flexibility to be used on both platforms and receiver will expect the same performance.