Maxtena Awarded Patent for Antennas with Metal Housing

06 Dec Maxtena Awarded Patent for Antennas with Metal Housing

We’ve got another patent approved! On Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016, the US Patent Office awarded Maxtena Inc. our newest official patent, and we’re excited to announce to our audiences the approval of the patent for our Antenna Surrounded by Metal Housing.

Metal Housing & Antennas for Consumer Electronics Devices

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Consumer Electronic Devices, mock-up

It’s no secret that, as a conductor of electricity, metal housing or surroundings causes problems with antenna signal of any type. Ah, metal: ideal for the antenna ground planes, but terrible for antenna housing. There has been a significant increase within the consumer electronic devices industry to opt-in to metal housings and other elements which could interfere with the antenna signal. Product designers favor metal for products for multiple reasons: durability, heat dissipation, a combination of thinness versus strength that plastic cannot match, and appearance. Many consumer electronics now feature metal housing for their design, and it is tough to get an antenna integrated with good, reliable signal.

With this industry trend, Maxtena began developing a solution to incorporate a high performing cellular LTE and WI-FI antenna within the metal housing without compromising signal quality. We’re happy to say that our original idea is now a full-blown patent. This innovative design is an ideal solution for consumer electronic devices that require impressive cellular and/or wireless capabilities while maintaining the durability and design of a metal housing.

Our team is uniquely poised to provide expert metal housing antenna integration. You can contact us to inquire about our integration and feasibility services.


Maxtena Inc. values the intellectual property created by our dedicated team and encourages the entrepreneurial pursuit of innovations among our ranks. To this extent, Maxtena takes an active and engaged role in our commitment to our team by protecting our proprietary technology through the diligent pursuit of trademarks and patents. We have great pride for our growing patent portfolio, and we will continue to pursue new patent applications as our team continues to produce innovative solutions. Subscribe to our mailing list or RSS feed for future patent updates!

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