Saving Elephants

15 Sep Maxtena Antennas are Trusted High-Performance Components of the Fight Against Illegal Ivory Trading

Maxtena High-Performance GPS Antennas were the top choice for these custom design GPS Tracking Tusks built to track and catch poachers! For more information, check out the original clip.

There have been many attempts to foil poachers, particularly those dealing in the illegal procurement and trade of ivory. One of the newest plans to put a stop to ivory poaching involved creating a GPS tracking device that could infiltrate and report the poachers’ trade routes and help identify key locations for illegal ivory trade. These tusks were built to look and feel like real ivory. For that, the designers needed a reliable, lightweight, and accurate GPS Iridium Antenna. Our M1621HCT-P-SMA antenna was the recommended solution, and purchased through one of our distributors.

Here at Maxtena, we are thrilled to know that our technology is helping to make the world a better place for elephants.