Maxtena joins forces with EFO Ltd. in Russia

24 Feb Maxtena joins forces with EFO Ltd. in Russia

EFO Ltd logoFebruary 14, 2014 – Rockville, MD ­– EFO Ltd, has announced an international agreement to sell antenna products from Maxtena, Inc., a top developer and producer for innovative wireless solutions, including GNSS, M2M and MSS helix and microstrip embedded and external antennas. Maxtena also designs and manufactures combo and LTE antenna solutions.

Through the deal EFO Ltd, a leading distributor of electronic components in the Russian market, will provide design engineers and buyers with finished helix, microstrip, combo and LTE antenna solutions to customers in Russia.

EFO Ltd has agreed to sell a number of Maxtena products including helix antennas (GPS L1/L2, GLONASS, Iridium), microstrip antennas (GPS, GLONASS, Globalstar, Iridium), microstrip antenna-tuning kits (GPS) and combo antennas (Iridium, GPS). These products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, soldier worn communications gear, hand-held navigation, asset tracking, recreational devices, industrial equipment, and for fleet/telematics tracking.

Tatiana Krivchenko, Head of Wireless Solutions Department at EFO Ltd, said, “We see that Maxtena designs and manufactures antenna solutions in a professional way and also provides consulting service. It is very important for our customers that Maxtena offers a comprehensive range of antennas that support GLONASS technology as well.”

“We’re very excited to have EFO Ltd as an official Maxtena distributor,” says Stanislav Licul, CEO and President of Maxtena. “There has been tremendous growth in the Russian satellite antenna market and we think we are coming in at the right time and with the right product portfolio. EFO Ltd, has a long history of successful distribution in Russia and we know our products are in great hands.”

Maxtena’s expertise in embedded and external antenna solutions matched with EFO Ltd.’s reputation as a large and highly trusted electronic component distributors serving Russia, means design engineers can achieve their goals faster and more effectively.


About EFO Ltd

EFO Ltd. has been distributing electronic components in the Russian market since 1991. At present EFO Ltd. has official distributorship and partnership agreements with many manufactures worldwide and has good business relationships with large European and US wholesale companies. Headquartered in Saint-Petersburg, EFO company is also successfully operating branch offices in 7 Russian cities — Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhnij Novgorod and Novosibirsk. Among EFO’s clients are numerous domestic manufacturers of telecommunication and bank equipment, measurement and control systems, medical apparatus and automotive electronics, safety and security techniques. For more information, visit

Global Contact:
Tatiana Krivchenko
Head of Wireless Solutions Department
EFO Ltd.
Tel: +7 812 327-8654

About Maxtena

Founded in 2006, Maxtena has quickly become the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative wireless solutions. They are engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of embedded, external and custom antenna solutions for GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS, Galileo), M2M, MSS and 4G LTE applications.

Maxtena provides antenna products and consulting services to businesses, the United States and foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations around the world. Their antenna products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, military radios, hand-held navigation, GPS tracking, recreational devices and laptop computers. Their consulting services include feasibility studies, chamber testing and prototyping. For more information, visit

Global Contact:
Chris Chaves
Head of PR
Maxtena Incorporated
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