Antenna Manufacturing

Our approach

Maxtena’s philosophy for manufacturing is to provide minimal overhead and more competitive price points. As a result of this philosophy we are committed to outsourced manufacturing capabilities where capital investment and overhead costs are minimized due to their distribution across a large customer base. Our strategy uses both oversea and US based facilities and we only use ISO certified contract manufacturers. Each prospective CM is required to complete a quality questionnaire and submit to a full quality audit.

Benefits to our approach

Our diversified manufacturing strategy allows us to support production ranging from a few units to large volume manufacturing. Additional value to our manufacturing approach include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Fully capable of meeting all production requirements

What a customer can expect

  • Cost effective low volume production
  • Competitive high volume manufacturing
  • Scalable production model
  • ITAR registered CM
  • Quality assurance with innovative and proprietary end of line testing methodologies
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