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For truly high-performance on-board connectivity in trains worldwide.

Scalable 4x4 & 8x8 LTE/WiFi MIMO

for Trains

4x4 / 8x8 MIMO LTE/WiFi Antenna

Introducing the first

The Maxwave™ 4×4 Train Antenna brings reliable high-speed wireless internet to onboard systems. Using its patented 4×4 MIMO technology, Maxwave™ enables high-bandwidth streaming communications.

This exclusive rooftop antenna incorporates four broadband antenna elements operating simultaneously across all frequencies from 698 MHz to 6000 MHz, which includes 2G/3G/4G cellular, LTE, WiFi and WiMAX frequency bands used worldwide. By request, an active GPS/GLONASS antenna with a low noise figure, high linearity LNA, and integrated surge arrestor is available as an option.

Maxwave 4x4 LTE/WIFI MIMO Antenna


High speed trains
Trams / lightrails
Buses / coaches
Mass transit systems
Heavy duty machinery

System Features


Mechanical Features

Fully Certified
Rugged Design
Standard Train Mounting

Electrical Features

Fully Certified
Rugged Design
Standard Train Mounting

Changing Infrastructure

Train passengers transforming cars into mobile offices and on-board operators concerned train and passenger safety have  created a significant demand for high-performance
on-board connectivity. 
That’s where Maxtena’s new 4×4 and 8×8 Maxwave™ MIMO antenna can help.

Infrastructure Challenges

Antennas & Frequencies

Modern railway infrastructure has become overloaded with antennas for each frequency.


Roof Space

Similarly, rooftop real estate on the cars themselves provides limited space for connectivity systems antennas.


Installing and uninstalling antennas requires investment, downtime, and personnel for each antenna.



Subject matter expertise in RF engineering is often required to manage signal interference for each installation.


Maxtena Can Help!

Maxtena’s new 4×4 and 8×8 LTE WiFi/WiMax MIMO Antenna provides a simple solution to these challenges and more.

Simple, Scalable Solution: Maxwave™

  • A Single, Scalable Antenna

This antenna is adaptable. Use one per car for immediate 4x4 performance, or use 2 to get 8x8.

  • Space Efficient

Maxwave™ antennas require very little space for 4x4 or 8x8 solutions, leaving plenty of rooftop real estate.

  • Easy to Install

We have worked directly with rolling stock companies to design standard mounting and adaptors in order to reduce the time needed for installation.

Maxwave 4x4 LTE/WIFI MIMO Antenna

Maxwave™ 4x4 MIMO

The Simple, Scalable Solution for High-Speed On-Board Connections.

  • Ground Plane Independent

Like all Maxtena patented technology, Maxwave™ is designed to be flexible and work anywhere, whether ground plane is available or not.

  • Patented Pattern Diversity

To make this antenna a concise and viable rooftop solution, we designed Maxwave™ to ensure best-in-class omni-directional performance.

  • Best-in-Class Isolation

The Maxwave™ antenna is the obvious choice when it comes to signal isolation; we have designed this antenna to integrate seamlessly into a saturated infrastructure and work right away.

Scalable Evolution: 4x4 That is 8x8 Ready When You Are

4x4 Configuration MaxWAve

4x4 Now

4×4 Configuration for Current Infrastructure


Maxwave™ is a simple installation, and one antenna by itself works simply as a high-performance antenna 4×4 MIMO antenna for all major global LTE and Wireless Internet signals.


We have worked directly with manufacturers of rolling stock devices to develop a universal, standard mount for the device and adaptors for other mounting configurations.

8x8 When You Need It

8×8 Configuration for Future Infrastructure


In working with our industry partners, we saw the need to develop Maxwave™ to be highly adaptable. Placing a Maxwave™ antenna within 1 meter of another Maxwave™ antenna produces a high-performance 8×8 MIMO antenna system that is ready to integrate with supporting modem systems when they are available. In the meantime, it’s still the same, great 4×4 performance.

Maxwave™ 4×4 MIMO installed at initial installation can easily be expanded to 8×8 MIMO by adding an additional antenna unit. Increasing bandwidth has never been so easy!


We designed this system to reduce car downtime and align with the evolution to 16 x 16.

Simple Upgrades

Easy to Install Customize, or Upgrade

Maxtena has worked with industry leaders to provide a standard mounting on the device that matches currently used installation configurations. We have also developed additional mounting adapters to ensure compliance with several popular, already installed, mounting configurations

Minimalist & Custom Mounting

Our low-profile design is so modeled to fit a wide variety of current rooftop configurations. For trains requiring custom mounting, the additional mounts are minimal.

Compared to Clunky Models

Compared to the flexibility and highly customizable mounting possibilities, other antennas don’t compare.

Simple Truly Omni-Directional MIMO

Maxwave™ MIMO antennas are designed to have superior radiation patterns to optimize all signal types and minimize interference from its own elements as well as other rooftop antennas.

Optimized Patterns

Maxwave™ antennas have a wide area of optimized signal coverage, and with our signal isolation, our elements work together to produce a truly omni-directional pattern.

We put very specific thought into the antenna design for both the 4×4 and 8×8 configurations so as to provide the best possible MIMO coverage based on customer and engineering feedback we’ve received.

Best-in-Class Isolation

Maxwave™ antennas work together not only to provide the best omni-directional patterns for the rooftop, they are also designed to work together and to drown out interfering signals.

Load Balancing Design

Efficient WiFi Transfer from Car to Car

Maxwave™ antennas work together not only to provide the best omni-directional patterns for the rooftop, they are also designed to work together and drown out interfering signals.

Industry Standards & High Voltage Protection

Rail Industry Certifications

Maxwave™ products are designed with Railway and Transportation Certifications in mind, and are easily implemented in a variety of Rolling Stock and Railway systems.  As we speak, we are working directly with rail industry data system leaders to align our product with current and future needs and certifications for best-in-class status.

Designed to meet industry certifications
Grounded Design

Grounded Design

Each element in the antenna is designed against high current risks with features to ensure grounding.  The elements both feature metal rods that are DC-grounded and are designed to provide a safe short-cut for unexpected currents to pass through to ground.


This in turn provides protection for passengers in a serious emergency scenario, but it also protects the RF ports in general against high voltage scenarios.

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Providing your passengers a truly connected train experience does not have to be a massive project; we're here to help. Contact us with your scope of work! We provide expert engineering services, and we really know antennas.

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