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14 Nov

Maxtena to release an upgraded dual L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna

M1516HCT-P-SMA AntennaMaxtena will begin shipping in the end of Q4 of this year a new and improved dual L1 GPS/GLONASS passive antenna. The M1516HCT-P-SMA antenna will replace Maxtena's existing M1516HCT-SMA antenna. The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a dual band, high performance antenna designed for both GPS and GLONASS, and built on proprietary HeliCore® technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a screw-on design, featuring an integrated SMA connector. The antenna has been mechanically upgraded. The first of the new upgrades is the black radome. The new radome is a straight design, which is a move away from the previous two tier radome. The new antenna is rated IP-67 when mounted for  additional protection.