Maxtena Awarded Patent for High-Performance VHF Antenna

22 Nov Maxtena Awarded Patent for High-Performance VHF Antenna

We are proud to announce that on Friday, Nov 16, 2016, we received word from the US Patent Office that our application for a patent has been approved. This patent has been a year in the process, and we are thrilled to announce the approval of the patent for our VHF Antenna design: Low Height, Space Efficient Dual-band Monopole Antenna.

VHF Antenna Design

This antenna patent provides users with improved dual band operation without the need for an impedance matching network. The Very High Frequency (VHF) band ranges in frequency from 30 to 300 MHz with corresponding wavelengths ranging from 1 to 10 meters. Meaning the relatively large wavelengths require a relatively large antenna to provide the direct line of sight radio communication from terrestrial radios to the communications satellites. Additionally, individual satellite communication systems require vertically polarized signals, thus limiting the orientation of the antenna, which must also remain vertical.

For many applications, this size and orientation can provide system challenges, and Maxtena’s new patented VHF Antenna design has provided an answer. Our newly awarded VHF antenna patent is simple in design and able to operate with an efficiency comparable to similar taller monopole antennas while being able to fit within height constrained spaces. Maxtena’s high-performance VHF antenna design is ideal for Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Heavy Machinery, Oil/Gas/Utility, and Military applications that require superior connectivity on a variety of moving platforms.


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