Connect with Maxtena at the Iridium Partner Conference 2013 in Panama

15 Jan Connect with Maxtena at the Iridium Partner Conference 2013 in Panama

We will be exhibiting at the Iridium Partner Conference January 21-25, 2013 in Panama City, Panama. If you are an attending Iridium partner we invite you to stop by our booth and get to know more about us.


We plan to exhibit three of our top selling helical antennas and a newly developed patch antenna, all of which are built on our proprietary Maxtena Helicore© technology.


The M1621HCT-U.FL is an Iridium Certified Antenna, designed to be custom tuned to the housing of the application it is being placed inside. The other Iridium Certified Antenna is the M1621HCT-SMA, which is a screw-on design and is ideal for applications that require minimal integration effort or for retrofitting existing products. Our Rugged Iridium Antenna, M1621HCT-R-TNC, is also ideal for applications that require minimal integration effort. It features tough steel housing and an integrated TNC connector for easy screw-on installation.


MPA-D254-1621 is an Iridium Patch Antenna designed for Iridium-based embedded applications such as: PDAs, handhelds and tracking devices, and with 80% total efficiency it is able to operate in the most extreme and demanding applications.


Our partnership with Iridium began in 2009 when we won the opportunity to provide Iridium with an antenna solution that would improve the overall performance of their handset. Understanding how important performance is to Iridium has become the key to our long lasting relationship.


Since becoming the antenna provider for Iridium we have been selected by DeLorme, NAL Research, Briartek, Yellowbrick and other Iridium partners as the antenna supplier for their handsets.  Because this conference is not open to the public, it will be a great opportunity for us to meet our fellow Iridium partners. We hope many of you will take the time to come and meet members of the Maxtena team, and if you have any questions about our products or services, this will be the perfect time to ask. We look forward to meeting everyone.


See you in Panama!