Leadership Team

Maxtena was founded in 2007. Fueled by the desire to create
the first commercial viable digitally steerable antenna,
we conducted several years of research,
culminating in the creation of Dynamic Aperture Technology (DAT).
Stani Licul Headshot
Stani Licul, CEO

Stani Licul / Chief Executive Officer


Stani co-founded Maxtena in 2007 with the vision to create both an entrepreneurial and academic environment focused on developing wireless technologies and products especially related to applying complex electromagnetics that will advance wireless communications. As Maxtena’s CEO, he is responsible for the company’s vision, strategy, and management.


Prior to co-founding Maxtena, Stani served as Chief Scientist of Zylaya Corporation and was a research engineer with Motorola EME Corporate Labs focusing on antennas and electromagnetics. In 2004, Stani obtained his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in electromagnetics and antennas. Stani’s fascination with electromagnetics is still his passion and driving force. As an inventor, he has four patents and has published papers on antennas and co-authored chapters on ultra wideband antennas in An Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems and antenna array synthesis chapter in Modern Antenna Handbook.


Stani was raised in an entrepreneurial family. At an early age, he was exposed to the highs and lows of building a fast paced technology company with his father co-founding and serving as the CEO of a robotics company.  He attended Virginia Tech and received both an academic and soccer athletic scholarship. The scholarships helped him to continue his education in the United States. At Virginia Tech, Stani became one of the all-time leading goal scorers in the history of men’s soccer at Virginia Tech as well as a team captain. In his free time, Stani enjoys reading and sports.

Nathan Cummings, PhD, Headshot
Nathan Cummings, PhD, COO

Nathan Cummings, PhD / Chief Operating Officer


Nathan holds Ph.D. and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering, both from Virginia Tech. He joined with Stani in 2007 as Maxtena’s VP of Engineering and in 2013 became Chief Operating Officer with a key interest in Maxtena’s manufacturing and production. As part of the founding core of Maxtena, his path here traversed both large and small companies as well as academic research. His previous work in the defense industry for ARINC (now Rockwell-Collins) and Sciperio focused heavily on novel antenna design and challenging interference problems on radio-dense platforms.


Along with his enthusiasm for technology and innovation, Nathan has a passion for music and has spent most of his life not more than an arm’s reach away from a guitar of some variety. He says his interest in the science and math of music has been a driving factor behind his attraction to technology. Nathan also serves on the Virginia Tech Electrical & Computer Engineering Advisory Board.

Toni Visnjic Headshot
Toni Visnjic, Chief Financial Officer

Toni Visnjic / Chief Financial Officer


As Chief Financial Officer, Toni oversees the key financial functions of the company, including cash management/treasury, financial reporting to the board of directors, bank lending sources, company operations and human resources.


Toni has more than 10 years of experience in finance roles for both public and private companies in various diverse industries. His expertise includes specialization in company restructuring, business processes, investment banking, as well as treasury and financial management, financial statement preparation and reporting.


Toni earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Finance from Virginia Tech. Toni enjoys traveling, sports, and spending time with his family and friends.

Vanja Maric, VP Sales & Marketing
Vanja Maric, VP Sales & Marketing

Vanja Maric / Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Vanja Maric is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Maxtena, Inc. He joined the company in 2008 and since has been leading Maxtena’s sales and marketing efforts. Mr. Maric is responsible for overall sales, business development, and product marketing. At Maxtena, he has developed worldwide distribution channels and works on the strategic product management. Mr. Maric works very closely with key domestic and international customers and has extensive experience and market knowledge of the MSS, GNSS and M2M wireless industries.


Prior to joining Maxtena, Mr. Maric held several Sales & Marketing positions with some of the leading IT companies in the Washington, DC metro area. Some of his responsibilities included strategic global market penetration, selling multi-product solutions and marketing communications.


Mr. Maric was born and raised in Bosnia and Hercegovina. He has lived in Bosnia, Germany, Switzerland, and since 1999 he calls Northern Virginia his home. Mr. Maric holds degrees in International Business and German from Virginia Tech University. He is fluent in English, German and Serbo-Croatian.Mr. Maric is an eagle scout and a major soccer enthusiast. He likes spending his free time outdoors or traveling to watch his favorite soccer team play. He is a member of various children’s charity organizations, enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community.