We are inventing the future of wireless technology

Maxtena designs and manufactures advanced antenna solutions based on our patented Dynamic Aperture Technology TM (DAT). Our antennas empower our customers to develop unparalleled solutions for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Terrestrial and Satellite Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) applications.

  • Research and Development

  • Manufacturing

  • Integration and Custom Design

  • Engineering Support

We use DAT to design extremely lightweight and high-performance helical, patch and LTE antenna solutions for wireless communications. With our industry leading antenna engineering staff, we can provide expert assistance in any antenna integration, and are uniquely positioned to enable OEMs with a custom antenna solution.

Year Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Rockville, MD, USA

Manufacturing: Atlanta, Shanghai, Taipei

Distributors: 10+

Maxtena Values

Commitment to Innovation: 



Our management team has a proven record of delivering innovative products to the marketplace. We have the ability to define a market need, research and develop a product, set up production, and execute on production.

Commitment to Our Customers and Partners: 


We believe that each product we deliver and service we render should not only meet, but exceed the expectation of our customer. We have a strong record of maintaining existing business relationships in the government and commercial sectors and protecting critical intellectual property through patents and trade secrets.

Commitment to the Maxtena Team: 


We pride ourselves on building a diverse workforce with exciting opportunities and exceptional benefits for our team members. Our core values – creative, involved, exceptional, and innovative – are the foundation of our collaborative and inventive work environment. We believe that by promoting teamwork and cooperation we will be able to find continued success and promote professional growth.

Our Vision

There have been significant advances in the area of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), field programmable gate array (FPGS), and other aspects of wireless communications (e.g. sophisticated modulation schemes) in recent years. However, the advances in antenna technology have been slow. At Maxtena we take an approach where the next advances in wireless communications, will come from looking at fundamental problems from antenna/ electromagnetic perspective and use above mentioned technologies to better manage and control spatial energy distribution. This new perspective lends itself to novel technologies which we hope will drive the new Internet infrastructure with smaller and higher efficiency devices, enable more bandwidth and combat interference.

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