29 Jan

Maxtena Announces All-New L1 L2 GPS GLONASS Active Antenna

M1227HCT-A2-SMA (p/n: 100-00004-02) Rockville, Maryland, USA – 01/29/2015 – Maxtena Inc., the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative wireless antenna solutions, today announced the availability of an all-new L1 L2 GPS GLONASS Active helix antenna for GNSS satellite applications. The new L1 L2 GPS GLONASS active antenna, product name M1227HCT-A2-SMA, will replace its predecessor the M1227HCT-A-SMA antenna which made its debut in 2010. The new antenna has been mechanically upgraded and is packaged in a high quality; durable IP67/68 sealed radome housing and is terminated with a gold plated SMA connector for RF feed/input and DC bias/power typically powered from the applications’ GNSS RF module.
02 Sep

Maxtena Announces, Iridium™ Certified, SATFleet™ Dual Mode GNSS/Iridium Satellite Antenna at CTIA Super Mobility Week

SATFleet Rockville, Maryland, USA – Maxtena Inc., the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative wireless antenna solutions, today announced availability of its Iridium™ certified, SATFleet™ Dual Mode Active GNSS/Iridium Satellite Antenna designed for heavy machinery and fleet tracking satellite M2M applications. This antenna is a durable IP67/68 and UV stable sealed antenna incorporating Maxtena’s patented Helicore™ Quadrifilar antenna technology and an active GNSS patch antenna element, for Geo-location applications that utilize; GPS, Glonass and/or Beidou, in one robust package. Cable type, length and connector styles can be tailored to customer requirements, but come standard with a RG 174 cable, 508 mm length, and SMA plug.
16 Jun

Arrow RF & Power Announces Agreement with Maxtena, Inc.

Will distribute Maxtena products on global basis
Arrow RF & Power Logo Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW) announced today that its RF & Power business will globally distribute products from Maxtena, Inc., a top developer and producer for innovative wireless solutions, including GNSS, Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya satellites, and terrestrial M2M, MSS and LTE applications. Arrow RF & Power will distribute Maxtena’s line of reliable, rugged and compact helix antennas, microstrip antennas and combo antennas, and will also support customers with custom wireless solutions ranging from smart metering to 4G LTE. Maxtena’s products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, communications gear, handheld navigation, asset tracking, UAVs, recreational devices and industrial equipment.
24 Feb

Maxtena joins forces with EFO Ltd. in Russia

EFO Ltd logoFebruary 14, 2014 – Rockville, MD ­– EFO Ltd, has announced an international agreement to sell antenna products from Maxtena, Inc., a top developer and producer for innovative wireless solutions, including GNSS, M2M and MSS helix and microstrip embedded and external antennas. Maxtena also designs and manufactures combo and LTE antenna solutions. Through the deal EFO Ltd, a leading distributor of electronic components in the Russian market, will provide design engineers and buyers with finished helix, microstrip, combo and LTE antenna solutions to customers in Russia. EFO Ltd has agreed to sell a number of Maxtena products including helix antennas (GPS L1/L2, GLONASS, Iridium), microstrip antennas (GPS, GLONASS, Globalstar, Iridium), microstrip antenna-tuning kits (GPS) and combo antennas (Iridium, GPS). These products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, soldier worn communications gear, hand-held navigation, asset tracking, recreational devices, industrial equipment, and for fleet/telematics tracking. Tatiana Krivchenko, Head of Wireless Solutions Department at EFO Ltd, said, “We see that Maxtena designs and manufactures antenna solutions in a professional way and also provides consulting service. It is very important for our customers that Maxtena offers a comprehensive range of antennas that support GLONASS technology as well.”
23 Jan

Join us at the 2014 Iridium Partner Conference

Iridium Partner Conference 2014We will be exhibiting at the Iridium Partner Conference February 3rd to the 5th, 2014 in San Antonio, Texas. If you are an attending Iridium partner we invite you to stop by our booth and connect. We will have on display our newly redesigned Iridium helix antenna, and our just released Iridium helix external magnet mount antenna. We will also be showing off our soon to be released SATFleet Iridium/GPS transportation antenna. All of which are built with our proprietary Maxtena Helicore® technology.
19 Dec

Maxtena set to release upgraded Iridium and Iridium/GPS helix antennas

Maxtena will discontinue the M1600HCT-SMA and M1621HCT-SMA antennas and replace them with upgraded versions. Both products have reached its end of life (EOL) and will no longer be available for purchase. The M1600HCT-P-SMA antenna has replaced the M1600HCT-SMA. The M1621HCT-P-SMA antenna has replaced the M1621HCT-SMA. The replacement antennas feature a new mechanical design, while still maintaining the same high performance electrical specifications as the previous parts.
14 Nov

Maxtena to release an upgraded dual L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna

M1516HCT-P-SMA AntennaMaxtena will begin shipping in the end of Q4 of this year a new and improved dual L1 GPS/GLONASS passive antenna. The M1516HCT-P-SMA antenna will replace Maxtena's existing M1516HCT-SMA antenna. The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a dual band, high performance antenna designed for both GPS and GLONASS, and built on proprietary HeliCore® technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. The M1516HCT-P-SMA is a screw-on design, featuring an integrated SMA connector. The antenna has been mechanically upgraded. The first of the new upgrades is the black radome. The new radome is a straight design, which is a move away from the previous two tier radome. The new antenna is rated IP-67 when mounted for  additional protection.
29 Oct

Maxtena Launches New GPS Helix Antenna Tuning Kit

GPS Helix Antenna Tuning KitDerwood, Maryland, October 29, 2013 - U.S. based Maxtena, a top developer and producer for innovative wireless solutions, have created the first GPS helix antenna tuning kit aimed at simplifying embedded antenna integrations.
Maxtena designed the tuning kit to empower hardware developers working on devices requiring an embedded antenna configuration. The tuning kit allows for both quick and easy antenna selection and removes the need for a lengthy and costly custom antenna integration process. The use of the tuning kit can drastically shorten the time to market of new products while guaranteeing a high performance GPS antenna.The tuning kit contains five GPS helix antenna samples optimized for a range of different loading conditions commonly encountered in devices requiring an embedded antenna configuration.
17 May

British Antarctic Survey selects Maxtena’s antenna for science spears

7217590 Maxtena has been selected as the antenna provider to British Antarctic Survey (BAS), one of the world’s leading environmental research centers with responsibility for the UK’s national scientific activities in Antarctica. BAS scientists have developed an airdropped spear to put vital reporting instruments in parts of Antarctica only accessible by plane. Twenty-five of the spears have been strategically dropped in Pine Island Glacier (PIG), currently one of the world’s largest net contributors of ice to the sea. To support BAS’s mission to track glacier movement toward the sea, Maxtena provides the research center with a robust single band GPS/Iridium antenna. The antenna is able to perform in the harsh arctic environment and serves to relay the GPS data back to BAS to then track the PIG’s movement towards the sea.
13 May

Maxtena develops combo helical/UHF antenna for simultaneous satellite access

Maxtena has developed a high performance multi-band antenna that combines proprietary Helicore® technology with a monopole-type UHF antenna in a single form factor. The DualMax-Helical/UHF combines two antennas with a custom cable and connector. The helical element can be tuned for the GPS/GLONASS bands, Iridium network or Globalstar network. The helical element is integrated with a monopole-type UHF antenna providing a frequency range between 300 MHz and 800 Mhz. The multi-band antenna combo is an ideal solution for applications requiring simultaneous access to different satellite systems for emergency communication; two examples are Iridium and COSPAS-SARSAT or Globalstar and COSPAS-SARSAT.