07 Apr

Vanja Maric Promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Maxtena’s Vanja Maric Assumes New Role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Maxtena Inc., has announced that Vanja Maric will be promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Maric will be responsible for the entirety of Maxtena’s global strategy and new business development, focusing on enabling customers who need sophisticated antenna products and wireless technology integration. In addition, Mr. Maric will also continue to lead a talented Sales & Marketing team.
13 Jan

Maxtena Names Innovelec Solutions Ltd. as Top Distributor in 2015

Maxtena has officially announced the recipient of their 2015 Top Performing Distributor Award. This year, the award was given to Innovelec Solutions Ltd for their outstanding sales efforts of Maxtena products. Innovelec received a commemorative trophy from Maxtena to commend their sales excellence in 2015. This trophy is awarded as a “Thank You” from Maxtena.